It’s volunteer week and we want to say thank you

It’s been Volunteer Week and what a great opportunity to say thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and show our appreciation for all the incredible work they do and their contributions they make to our service.

Charity organisations like ours are wholly reliant on the good will and hard work of our volunteers. Without them, the vast majority of charities would not be able to function and vital services would be withdrawn.

Here at Wirral Ark we help support some of society’s most vulnerable people. It is not glamourous work – it is difficult, time consuming and there are no promises of a success at the end of the rainbow. However, the work is incredibly rewarding in so many ways and a large part of that is down to the enthusiasm, effort and generosity of our teams of volunteers.

Whether they are helping to run events, supporting vulnerable people with daily tasks or lightening the general workload of our staff, we have come to rely on them and consider them as part of the Wirral Ark family.

Their dedication has contributed an enormous amount to the good working practices we adhere to and to improving the lives of so many individuals over the years.

We are proud of what we have achieved with Wirral Ark and the very real and tangible impact it has had on our local community and the lives of people we have worked to improve. However, as a charity, resources are never over-flowing and organisations have to budget for the resources they deliver.

The reason we have been able to deliver such a diverse and comprehensive service is largely due to the efforts of volunteers who have ensured that any shortfall in provision is covered to the highest possible professional standards.

To help celebrate this moment, we reached out to a couple of our volunteers to find out about their experiences of working with Wirral Ark, the value volunteering can have and what their volunteering had added to their own lives.

We’ll finish off with words from Christine and Jan and thank you so much to all our volunteers!

Christine Broad

I volunteered with Wirral Ark serving the temporary night shelter project in early 2019. Through volunteering I was able to access training around working with people who are homeless, I was able to share lessons I had learned with others from the faith community to which I belong and encourage others to volunteer.

Through volunteering I was able to  meet many wonderful people who I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. Through volunteering I was able to feel that I was sharing in a small way in a big project, making a positive difference to the care of homeless people during the coldest months of the year.

I recommend volunteering with Wirral Ark!

Jan Bowen

l helped a bit over Christmas with meeting and cooking for some people we had to stay in our premises for a few nights.  They were a lovely group and taught me a lot. We enjoyed chatting before they turned in for the night and they were kindness itself where they could help out.

l learned how easy it is to find yourself homeless and how difficult it is to get yourself out of that dilemma.

With the lockdown l have been volunteering by making care home scrubs. lt gives me the same feeling of satisfaction in that l have time and l am being useful.