The Good Life…

A recent article highlighted that allotment gardening can boost mental well-being. But it’s not exactly rocket science to understand the benefits to mental health of getting outdoors and into the fresh air.


This is the motivation for our clients who are about to get involved in managing our new allotment space.

We’ve secured valuable allotment space at the Edward Kemp Community Gardens in Birkenhead, where it’s hoped that clients will grow fruit and vegetables. It gives them a sense of ownership and a chance to input their own ideas on design and planning of the space. Added to this, they will be able to see  and enjoy the fruits of their labour, being able to incorporate these into the ‘Cook and Eat’ sessions held weekly.

It’s a crucial place where clients can meet, mix and get to know each other informally, building social skills and confidence in a supportive, relaxed environment. Plus, running an allotment is healthy for our clients too, as they feel the satisfaction of growing and eating their own food, whilst benefiting from regular outdoor exercise and activity.

We’re now reaching out to local garden centres for their support, by having a collection bin in store where people can buy an extra pack of bulbs or seeds and drop them in for us to use on the allotment.

Are you able to get involved, perhaps have a collection bin at your shop? Contact us at