A legacy will cost you nothing to make right now, but will make a real difference in the future. By remembering Wirral Ark in your will, you will be helping the homeless people of Wirral to get back on their feet by helping them find jobs, homes and friends.

Tax benefits

Leagcies are tax free in the UK, so any legacy you leave to Wirral Ark will be taken from your estate before inheritance tax is calculated. You should consider advice from a solicitor in order to make sure your assets are disitrubted in the way that you want.

What can I leave in a legacy?

There are various ways to leave a gift. These include

  • Residuary Legacy – this is a proportion of your estate. It enables you to donate a percentage of your assets, or the reamining sum once you have provided for friends and family.
  • Percuniary legacy – this is where a simple specific sum of money is given. Note that the value of this amount may change over due to interest.
  • Assets or items – if there are specific things you own that you would like to leave, like furniture or land for example, this can be specified.


If you would like to talk to someone at Wirral Ark about a legacy, please contact Aydin Djemal on 0151 378 6787 or at enquiries@wirralark.org.uk.