Lettings Manager

Wirral Ark has been delivering housing and homelessness services on the Wirral for over 25 years. One of our key strategic aims is to improve access to and quality in the Private Rented Sector.

With this in mind we have opened a brand new ethical lettings agency. Supported with two years start up funding from Homeless Link, the short term aim of the Lettings Agency is to establish itself in the sector. Starting with a small team of the the Lettings Manager and Admin Support, alongside finance and payroll support from Wirral Ark and strategic support from the four initial members of the Board of Directors, the aim is for quick but sustainable growth over the first two years to ensure that, by the end of year two, the Lettings Agency is self-sustaining.

Our intention is to create a letting agency that is ethical. We will operate in a way that is fair and transparent for both landlords and tenants, and will be driven not simply by the desire to make money but by the intention to make sure that landlords, tenants and the agency’s staff all have a positive experience from renting out homes.

Full details and application form can be found on the following page: