The Ark provides a bespoke Befriending service designed to support people who are making the transition from supported accommodation to independent living

The Ark Befriending is a Low level intervention with a high impact outcome. In terms of practical support, we offer guidance with I.E. PIP Assessments and DWP interviews. We also prioritise our clients mental and emotional well-being and work to help people develop their social networks and inter-personal relationships.

Why do we need a befriending project?  

Homelessness is often the last thing to go wrong after a series of other life events and problems. For too many people family breakdown, prison, addiction, ill health, money issues and traumatic life events escalate from personal issues into homelessness. The stress and challenges of their situation and loss of support from family and friends can undermine people’s ability to get proper help and to positively move-on to a safe and independent future.  

This is why befriending is so powerful in giving people the regular emotional support they need to make long term change and escape the cycle of homelessness.  

What is the role of the befriender?  

Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. As a Befriender you will provide weekly support to people accessing our accommodation services, helping them to:  

  • Build bridges to the community and social inclusion  
  • Attend meetings and appointments  
  • Develop social networks and re-build relationships  
  • Gain confidence and independent living skills  

You will receive training as well as ongoing support from the Befriending Coordinator.   

Make a difference 

Meet new people  

Gain skills and confidence  

Be part of your community  

Be the change 

If you are interested in volunteering as a befriender and would like to know more, please email Paul Berry or take a look at the Role Description on our Volunteering webpage 


T: 0151 649 0111