Arklight Pilot Project

“Sometimes in life things can get hard, too hard to handle, but the people [at Arklight] have softened the blows with love, respect and generosity”

Arklight Guest, January 2019

From January to March 2019 we piloted a night shelter scheme called Arklight. This was based on the Housing Justice ‘rolling night shelter’ model, where a church or community venue takes a designated night of the week to host the night shelter.

The team of volunteers from the Salvation Army
The team of volunteers from The Salvation Army, Rock Ferry

Arklight ran every night between 28th January and 29th March. With space for 12 guests, we provided a bed for the night, as well as a home-cooked evening meal and breakfast in the morning.

The focus for Arklight was on being open, warm and hospitable; a safe space without judgement for those in need. Arklight was generously funded by grants and donations, and each venue was staffed by volunteers. We are very lucky to work in a community that are happy to come together to help others. Over 300 volunteers joined our efforts to provide relief for rough sleepers.

CLICK HERE to see our Arklight Impact Report

Through the generosity and support of the community we were able to host the shelter from 9 venues:

  • Age UK
  • Birkenhead Library
  • Christchurch (Bebington)
  • Salvation Army (Rock Ferry)
  • St Andrews Community Church (Oxton St Saviours)
  • St Michael’s & All Angels (Pensby)
  • The Meeting Place
  • The Spire/St Luke’s Church, Wallasey
  • Wirral Gateway Church

This winter, the project will run from Monday 4th November to Monday 24th February with each venue hosting for one week. We will be working alongside a variety of local organisations from churches and schools to the emergency services and community outreach teams.

For more information about Arklight please contact the Business Development team:

Jackie Snell or Hannah Billing
Tel: 0151 652 7317






“I’ve been made to feel so happy and welcome…10 out of 10…thank you so much”

Arklight Guest, January 2019