ArkLight Night Shelter

Wirral Ark is seeking the support of the community to collaborate in positive social action and be a supporting partner in tackling the rise in homelessness in the area. The Arklight Night Shelter is a project where churches, community groups or other interested venues, each take a designated night of the week to provide shelter on their premises to up to 12 homeless guests. Each shelter will be staffed by volunteers and will provide an evening meal, a bed for the night, breakfast each morning and hospitality to people in crisis. 

How can I help? 

We are looking for volunteers who can help prepare food, set-up the venue, assist on the door to welcome guests, serve food, chat with guests, wash dishes and tidy up the venue. There are three shift patterns we are seeking to fill:  

  • Evening Shift – 5:30pm- 10pm 
  • Night Shift – 9:30pm – 6:30am 
  • Morning Shift – 6am – 9am  


Volunteer training dates are scheduled for: 

  • Wednesday 23rd January – 6-9pm (Venue TBC) 

 I can’t commit to a whole shift, how else can I help?  

 Food preparation/donations – each venue will provide a warm evening meal and breakfast. Meals can be prepared offsite and onsite. Donate food or volunteer on the meal rota to make a meal.  

Befriending/activities – You can help at the shelter by spending a few hours befriending guests or delivering activities.    

General Helper – help is needed to set-up the shelter and transport equipment from one venue to another. General help is always required at the shelter.  

How do I apply? 

Please contact Jackie Snell for an Application Form (details below). 

We are a school interested in supporting the project, how can we help? 

Create a Care Package – schools can create a care package to be given to homeless guests on their arrival at the shelter. Care Packages should be packed in a resealable zip lock clear bag and include items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, tissues, plasters, shampoo and deodorant.   

We’re a business interested in supporting the project, how can we help?  

Donations of supplies such as soap, towels, toilet paper, duvets and duvet sets are all needed. If you are interested in helping as part of your CSR programme please get in touch to discuss.  


For all enquiries please contact Jackie Snell 

E: T: 0151 378 6787  

Grand Trunk, 43 Old Bidston Road, Birkenhead, CH41 8EL