Equality Statement


Wirral Churches’ Ark Project recognises that individuals can be significantly affected by the intolerance,  discrimination and prejudice of society as a whole, with regard to race,colour,nationality or national origin, gender marital status sexuality disability health status age, religion  employment  and housing status.  We believe diversity is a strength, which it is our responsibility to support actively in all areas of our operation and contacts.

As a provider of services and as an employer, we seek to oppose all abuses and positively affirm our commitment to the enabling of those whom society would otherwise disadvantage or discriminate against to achieve their personal potential, further we will provide a safe environment, accessible to all and secure from harassment and victimisation, and pursue our intention to readdress the balance within the confines of the provision of services and the employment practice of Wirral Churches’ Ark Project

All those connected to Wirral Churches’ Ark Project and support services, are responsible for the prevention of discrimination, victimisation or harassment within the organisation, and for taking immediate action if ever it is detected.  Failure to uphold our principles will not be accepted at ANY level and all offences will be subject to appropriate remedial action.