We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received during the Covid-19 crisis. From our frontline staff and their commitment to our clients, our volunteer teams who have contributed so much of their time and partner organisations who have been supporting our efforts; both with supporting our infrastructure and delivery to allocating grant money and other vital funds.

One of the major impacts of this crisis has been the curtailment of our fundraising activities and events. Not only do these finance our work they also allow us to engage with the wider community and to showcase the vital work we do with our society’s most vulnerable people.

This issue has affected charity organisations around the world and has had a huge impact on our budgets and hence, our planning and strategy as we go forward. The loss of this income threatens the future of the services we offer and the resources at our disposal to deliver these services.

One of the silver linings to the current crisis and definitely a key highlight for and organisations like us, has been the incredible support and good will shown to us as an organisation, our clients and the people we work with.

We have received financial donations, food and essential hygiene items as well as self-catering equipment such as microwaves and fridge freezers – all allowing us to limit the impacts and provide life’s essential to our clients – a group which (for a number of reasons) have been disproportionately affected by this crisis.

Importantly, we have been in receipt of a number of grant allocations which are allowing us to keep are services running and we’d just like to say a huge thank you to these groups and detail the benefits of these partnerships here. These grants have come from a number of different sources from organisations both locally and nationally.

In no particular order, we’d like to say thank you to the following:

The Martin Lewis Coronavirus Emergency Fund, Magenta Fund, Crisis In This Together and Community Funds Merseyside have awarded us almost £18,000 for the Arklight Client Support Service (ACSS) to help alleviate poverty caused by Coronavirus. The ACSS ensures that we are able to provide meals, essential goods and virtual support for vulnerable members of the community. These grants will be used for travel, staff, overheads, equipment and phones and means that we can help our clients during self-isolation with a range of services including mental health support.

One of our most important and bespoke service is the provision we provide at Water View; our specialist female homeless project. Water View is the result of our partnership with Wirral Women’s Refuge and in opened early August 2019. The project was created as we recognised there was insufficient gendered supported accommodation for vulnerable single homeless women in Wirral. Women’s homelessness often occurs after prolonged experiences of trauma such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse, usually within the home. This often results in a complex mix of problems which interrelate and contribute to their homelessness and make recovery extremely difficult. 

Water View is such an important part of the work we do and that’s why we’re delighted to be allocated significant grant support by the Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust for activity costs at Water. The aim of the funding is to build the confidence and motivation of our female residents at this very difficult time; these pre-engagement activities help women to feel safe, confident and ready to move forward with their lives. These kinds of steps are often needed before harder outcomes can be attempted. This money will ease the pressure on the service and ensure that this great project is sustainable for the future.

Despite the present difficulties, the future is still very important to us and something we are planning for. For example, another recent grant application was received by Sport England for a homeless football project we are hoping to deliver once we are past the current crisis. We are really looking forward to getting this project off the ground as we are committed to not only the survival and well-being of our clients but also dedicated to a more holistic approach which prioritises confidence building and teaching essential life skills. We are very grateful for this funding and look forward to delivering the project.

We will be posting individual social media updates around each of the grant monies and organisations that have allocated them, but for now we just wanted to show our appreciation and to highlight all of the fantastic work people are doing during the current situation.